eDoctor’s tips

Published 29.05.2008 ‘Technology on My Desktop’ Engineering & Technology Magazine

If you were one of the unwilling recipients of the Mellisa virus that infected millions of computers around the world in 1999, or the willing reader of the ‘ILoveYou’ email that bore within its content a Visual Basic worm of excellent and elusive engineering, you may know what it’s like to have your computer infected.

iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon

Published 28.05.2008 ‘Books’ Engineering & Technology Magazine

This book is a personal recollection from the designer and sole creator of the Apple I and II personal computers, Steve Wozniak. If you fondly recall what a Varian or a Data General Nova was, if you ever owned a HP 35 and are excited by phone freaking, TV jammers, ham radio, or if you ever wondered where the logo on your iPod was from – this is the book for you.

Big brother is watching you

Published October 2007 Communications Engineer

Imagine teaching Biology to 9th graders and realising that the material for this day’s lesson, be it on HIV or contraception, has been blocked by your friendly ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) web content filter as falling into the ‘pornography’ category of its software. In fact, all websites containing the word ‘sex’ get routinely blocked, be they about online escort agencies or anthropology.

Digital security consultant, sometime journalist and convicted optimist