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Protect yourself from phone hacking

As the ‘phone hacking’ news wave reaches far and wide, not much
attention is paid to the methods used by hackers – nor are there
precautions for readers worried about the privacy of their mobile
communications, bank accounts and other private data.

Lik-ing the habit

“Excuse me, can I ask you a question?” I hear all the time these days. As soon as the LED light begins to flash and clouds of smoke-like vapour fill the air around me, an interested somebody comes over to enquire. Is that a real cigarette?

Ruyan – the digital diary of an electronic smoker

It has finally arrived! I am handed a slightly torn and dishevelled package labelled ‘aromatherapy’ at the post office and begin the joyous trip home. Swinging it as I walk the snowy streets, a small hole opens up and plastic cartridges begin to fall out. I rush to pick them up, looking furtively round. This isn’t exactly legal in my country. These cartridges hold a newly found alternative to my fifteen year-old addiction. I’ve been waiting for them impatiently.